El amor por nuestro trabajo nos anima a conseguir la máxima expresión en los racimos de nuestras viñas.

Elaboramos vinos de cultura mediterránea



Location: Finca Bonavista ( Ontinyent) and Finca los Almendros ( Caudete )

Altitude: 557m

Type of soil: Poor soils on slope, stony and calcareous

Crop density: 2300 plants / Ha

Vineyard age: 21 – 40 years.

Vine training systems: Free-standing bush and wire-trained vines.

Environment: Continental climate softened by the Mediterranean influence, with an average annual temperature of 15ºC and a Mediterranean-tye rainfall regime, with peaks in spring and autumm

Grape Varety: Petit Verdot, Malbec

Vintage: 2021

Capacity Bottle: 750ml 


Harvest: Manual harvest in mid-October

Pre-Cold Maceration: 5 days at 5 ºC

Fermentation: Alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel tanks with autochthonous yeast and subsequent manolactic fermentation in French oak barrels

Post-Fermentation maceration: 10 days

Fermentation Temperature: 24 26 ºC

Barrel Aging: 14 months new French oak barrel ranging from 225 and 500 liters of capacity, ending its aging in a French oak vat of 7.000 Liters

Bottling Aging: Minimum  6 months

Vinification: Due to the elaboration process, light filtering, this wine can present some precipitation in the bottle. Clarifiers of vegetable origin have been used during the elaboration therefore it is suitable for vegan consumers. 

Deep red with violet and bright hues. Intense nose in its notes of ripe red fruit, perfectly assembled with elegant spicy and roasted aromas. 

In the mouth, fatty, fleshy and well structured. A rich fruitniness and pleasent acidity harmoniously surrounds a touch of toast, with a long and silky finish, sweet and enveloping tannins. 

In the Table

The temperature of conservation of this wine should be arround 15ºC, it’s important fot it to be constant, avoiding thermal jumps. It must be protected from light sources.

Vereda is ideal for red meats to the plant, stews, lamb and small game, casqueria if they are gelatinous textures such as morros or pig’s trotters.

Uncured cheeses and sheep’s milk.

It harmonizes with typical dishes such as cocido madrileño, gazpacho manchego, porridge.

Rice with meat, vegetables, mushrooms …

91 Score James Suckling ( 2021 )