Location:  In the northern province of Alicante, between the inland mountains of Aitana and Mariola, with the Mediterranean Sea as a background. 

Altitude: 557m

Type of Soil: Silty-clay soil rich in organic matter

Miniviticulture Project 

Environment:  Continental climate softened by the Mediterranean influence, with an average annual temperature of 15 degrees and a seasonal rainfall regime, with the peculiarity that the rainy season corresponds to the hemispheric winter season, which makes its vegetation suitable for both periods when heat and drought. Dry and hot summers influenced by warm winds.  


Extra virgin olive oil from conventional harvest. His attributes are bitter and spicy. His varieties are such as ” Blanqueta “, ” Alfafara ” and ” Villalonga “, autochthonous from the north zone of Alicante

Top category olive oil from conventional olive groves, obtained directly from olives and only through mechanical procedures. 


Organoleptic features exceptional, his taste enriches all Mediterranean cuisine dishes. Cold extraction. 

The pairing with El Angosto extra virgin olive oil is characterized by having a light bitter taste and medium spicy with intense fruitness and a touch of green apple, almond and tomato. 

Its tasting notes become the perfect oil for almost all dishes. 

It enhances the taste of cheeses, such as napkin goat cheese or ” formatge blanquet” , vegetables of all types, white fish, fried and slow stew. It is also highly recommended to enhance the flavor of the chicinas such as the Iberian jam ” Jamón Ibérico”.